2014 Medical Mission Nigeria

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Mezu Foundation is organizing a Medical and Education Mission in Nigeria between Monday July 21, 2014 and Monday, August 4, 2014.  The site for the MIF Medical mission this year is Nigeria. The target outreach for the 2014 MIF medical mission is 2,000 poor indigenes (men, women and children)


MIF will focus on the following goals and objectives during our upcoming medical mission trip:

 Free Medical exams and care to poor indigenes

  • Free Vision exams and free eyeglass prescriptions from donated pairs.
  • Free evaluation and treatment of glaucoma and cataracts; and glaucoma meds.
  • Evaluation and Treatment of Infectious Diseases: such as malaria, gastrointestinal, and parasitic infections.
  • Education of Local Healthcare Professionals in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), neonatal resuscitation program (NRP).
  • HIV/ AIDS Education, evaluation and treatment
  • Point of care testing and treatment of Cardiovascular diseases like: hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, kidney disease, atherosclerosis
  • Pediatric, neonatal/maternal-child health
  • Evaluation and treatment of respiratory disease: like asthma, bronchitis, COPD, sleep apnea, and chronic respiratory illness,
  • Free medications: multi-vitamins, antibiotics, anti-parasitics, pain control,  fever, eye meds  and mosquito nets.
  • Emergency Medical Care: wound care, and treatment of minor trauma.
  • Pharmaceutical & Nutrition Counseling
  • Basic Information Technology (IT) and Computer Training and Safe Internet navigation.
  • Agriculture and Financial Planning
  • Education: Free reading books for kids and educational pamphlets for adults.
  • Free Meals: Food, snacks and drinks for patients by MIF in partnership with a local women’s volunteer group, Our Lady’s Food Kitchen.


  • DONATE MONEY: securely through our website and state funds to be used for “ 2014 MIF Medical Mission Trip.”
    • Your monetary donations will help with the purchase and shipment of medicines, payment for, shipping medicines and medical equipment, security and supplies to Nigeria and other logistics for international and local volunteers.
    • No donation is too small: A $20 donation can cover the costs of free medical evaluation, multivitamins, educational pamphlets/books and a free meal/drink for two patients. A $50 donation will cover the cost of providing antibiotics, anti-hypertensive medications, and cardiovascular and diabetes testing for two patients in addition to a free meal/drink, educational pamphlets/book and multi-vitamins. Our target is to provide these services for 2,000 patients.
  • DONATE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: Medical equipment and supplies to help achieve our stated goals are welcome. Please contact MIF to arrange pick-up or shipment of  safe medical equipment and supplies. Donated medications must be unused, unopened, and unexpired. Medical equipment must be in good working condition if used. All donations are tax-deductible.
  • PARTICIPATE IN FUND-RAISING: Companies, organizations, churches, and schools are  invited to match funds donated for the upcoming December Medical Mission as a partnership program or help organize fund-raising in their communities. We will supply the information needed and one of our resident agents will be happy to speak to your organization.
  • VOLUNTEER AT THE MEDICAL MISSION: International and Local Medical Personnel of all specialties (Physicians, nurses, physician assistants, medical students) and other volunteers in IT, agriculture, and business are welcome.
    • Volunteers are expected to commit to 5 to 10 days towards the medical mission (including the two days of travel time back and forth) and pay the cost of their own plane ticket. All other needs such as obtaining visas, local transportation in Nigeria (air and ground), comfortable accommodations, healthy, hearty meals, and security  will be provided by MIF during the trip. Security is ensured at the site of medical mission and secure transportation will be provided for volunteers.  All volunteers receive an MIF medical mission tee-shirt and a certificate of appreciation for their generous volunteerism.
    • Our past volunteers say that “The medical mission was an experience of a lifetime!”  “We enjoyed the beautiful, unique and warm African culture and our presence brought joy and smiles to hungry, despairing and sick faces of men, women, and children suffering from lack of basic needs we take for granted.” “The people we served could not believe that strangers cared so much about them.” …“Making a difference in people’s lives brought a sense of purpose and  fulfilment to our hearts.”