Community Development

Community Development

Community development is an essential part of the fight to combat hunger, promote literacy and make indigenous communities independent economically, socially and agriculturally.There is widespread prevalence of hypertension, malaria, anemia, parasitic worm infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and transmission of HIV/AIDS in countries like Nigeria.With a high unemployment rate for both college graduates and high school graduates, most families live on less than $1 a day.
MIF is seeking to empower our community by providing skilled labor training and subsidized crop and livestock farming in our over 100 acres of land, micro financing for local farmers, traders and small business owners and computer training for our youth.

Help to Orphans and Children in Need:

MI Foundation is committed to helping orphans and children in the communities we serve. MI Foundation provides books and school supplies, clothing, footwear, food items to sustain their growth and development. A donation of $25 provides clothing, footwear, medications and a month worth of meals for a child in need.  $10 donation provides clothing, shoes and one week of meals for two children.

Our Lady’s Food Kitchen – Click here for more

Our Lady’s Food Kitchen serves the poor families, widows, and elderly in the community who do not have financial means to sustain themselves. The group regularly visits and cares for the poor and sick in the villages with food items, and compassionate words.

MIF is committed to support the education, medical care and nurturing of our orphans and abandoned babies in the community. You can save a life and bring hope with your donation or fundraising efforts to support one of our projects.