Research has shown that more than 41% of Africans live on less than $1.00 a day. Children as well as adults are malnourished and most are dying from extreme hunger and poverty.

Our focus at MI foundation is to help improve access to mechanized farming equipment to local farmers.

We focus on agricultural products such as especially yam, cassava, plantain, palm fruit, and more. In a country like Nigeria, mechanized food production will increase food access, aid in alleviating poverty, and foster economic growth.

The impact of our agricultural programs include:

  • Improved farming efficiency by using mechanized tools
  • Enable farmers work over a much larger area
  • Maximizes land utilization for farming
  • Increase in crop yield
  • Saves time

Additional Benefits include:

  • Improving food safety
  • Enhancement of soil fertility
  • Crop rotation
  • Job Creation
  • Empower women farmers