Sample Travel Details


Immunization: All volunteers are required to complete necessary immunization at least 2 weeks prior to travel date. Immunization includes MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis B, Tetanus/TdaP, Hepatitis A, as well as malaria prophylaxis if not previously done. Please see our recommended list of immunizations attached for your benefit.
Volunteers are required to bring along their personal medications with valid prescriptions as well as a mandatory anti-malarial prophylaxis to be used during the trip (consult your physician for the best option for you).

Luggage: Everyone is entitled to 2 pieces of luggage (50 lbs or less) and one carry-on luggage. During our medical mission, all volunteers are kindly required to give up one luggage to the foundation for the purpose of transporting extra medical supplies for the medical mission.

Attire: All volunteers are asked to come with at least 3 clean blue scrubs (For uniformity) for use during the medical mission. MIF tee-shirts with logo will be given to all participants to wear in place of scrub shirts during the medical mission. July is the peak of summer in Nigeria, so sunscreen; sunglasses, hats and light clothing are recommended. During our tourist site visits planned to various socio-cultural, health and educational centers, light comfortable attire is recommended, a sweater for cooler nights, and a pair of jeans for some tours. Volunteers should come with one formal attire that may be needed for a festive occasion. Other recommended items are mosquito repellants and any needed personal grooming items.

Flights: We usually travel in groups and MIF will provide ground transportation. All volunteers are responsible for the local tickets to and from destination. Though MIF will help arrange the travel visas and group travel rates for international flights to and from Nigeria as well as local flights, all volunteers are responsible for the ticket to Nigeria (approximately 2500 (includes travel insurance) as well. We will do our best to get very good rates.

To begin securing good international flight rates, the following information is required and should be sent to 3 months prior to travel dates. Name on Passport, Date of Birth, Address and Passport #.

Passports: All volunteers are required to obtain and maintain a valid, unexpired international passport with at least 6 months validity for travel. Copies of passport front ID page are required to be submitted to MIF prior to finalizing flight purchase.

Visa Arrangements: Travel visas to Nigeria will cost approximately 250 but could be less and are the responsibility of the volunteers. Visa applications are initiated online by volunteers. Please indicate if you need assistance processing a visa. MIF can help co-ordinate the visa through the Nigerian Embassy. Visa forms will be sent to all volunteers that require assistance with visa in a separate email with instructions.

Travel Duration: All volunteers are expected to spend minimum 10 days (including travel times), but full participation is encouraged to take a full advantage of all the enriching socio-cultural tours and activities planned for the group for a few days after the medical mission.

Travel within Nigeria from international airport to local airport close to the site of the medical mission will cost approximately $300 for a round trip ticket and all volunteers are expected to pay this amount (currency will be changed at the airport) to purchase the local tickets at the airport.

Accommodation/Meals: Safe, comfortable accommodation (Home Stay) and three hearty meals will be provided free of charge by the Foundation during the time in Nigeria. Individuals can purchase on their own any other desired items or souvenirs or extra indulgences. Rooms may need to be shared by volunteers, and the Foundation appreciates your kind understanding.

Security: All volunteers are required at all times to be with the foundation group but must be conscious of their own personal security and items. Please avoid giving personal information to strangers and report to MIF staff if any suspicious activity or interaction is witnessed.

Transport: Local transport (cars/bus travel) within Imo State, Nigeria from medical mission site to places of interest or tourism is provided as a group to all volunteers.

Media: Volunteers are welcome to take camera and video pictures with sensitive and respectful awareness of the culture. All photos taken during the medical mission will be shared with the MIF staff to record memories of our trip, and will remain the property of all volunteers. Caution and sensitivity is requested when posting pictures on social media.

Finally, if you are interested in being a volunteer, please submit a detailed resume with 2 letters of reference from your school or institution.

Thank you very much for your anticipated participation and please email if any questions or suggestions.