Sustainable & quality education in developing economies like Nigeria can be achieved if we can break barriers. The educational facilities in rural communities are challenged by lack of adequate school supplies, electricity, infrastructure, and more.

Our focus at MI Foundation is to improve parts of the educational system by providing Information Technology and Computer literacy through Conferencing Programs:

  • Provision of books and computers in schools identified in poor communities.
  • Provision of Desks and Chairs in designated schools.
  • Building of a Vocational Training Institute
  • Utilization of renewable resources to help improve quality of life
  • Teacher Training Seminars and Conferences to Improve teaching Techniques and Methods.
  • Fostering a healthy relationship between schools and the host communities.

International Medical Clerkship

IMG_0622The annual MIF medical mission serves as an International Medical Clerkship Opportunity for young healthcare professionals, including optometry students, medical students, ophthalmology residents, medical consultants, nursing students, and health technicians, as well as aspiring undergraduates interested in a health care career to learn new skills from experienced health care professionals.

Both US trained and Nigerian Physicians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Pharmacists, Dispensing Opticians, Nursing  Supervisors, are some of the health care practitioners that come together to bring quality  medical services and compassionate care to patients during the MIF medical mission.  The goals of this MIF Field Clerkship are:

  1. To enable  student to learn hands-on medical practice in a holistic and integrated way in a tropical setting
  2. To give students opportunities to learn about various vital medical issues related to public health, nutrition, maternal and child health, infectious diseases prevalent to Nigeria; as well as learn the relationship between ,health, cultural practices, food security and existing environmental hazards/conditions on community health.
  3. To enable the students to learn the unique interplay between culture and medicine by integrating several  perspectives from local culture,  medicine, nursing, pharmacy, socio-economic, and public health areas of the country.
  4. To widen the cultural values and acceptance of the students in a way that is life-changing, helping them learn unique skill sets that will enable them survive in any setting  or condition

Federal University of Technology  Owerri (FUTO)

Fifth year optometry students from Federal University of Technology  Owerri (FUTO)   participate in the MIF medical mission annually, working alongside US trained physicians, optometrists, and pharmacists to care for the over 2,000  attendees at the mission.

The students are taught how to use state-of-the- art diagnostic equipment: handheld digital tonometry to test for glaucoma, portable non-mydriatic retinal camera, binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy, autorefractor. They observe and assist in medical exams, dispensing of medications, and other medical diagnostic medical testing; and also get to work alongside the US medical students in collecting research data during the medical mission.


Shapiro Summer Research Program

Second year medical students have the opportunity to apply annually  for a research grant to attend MIF annual medical mission through the Herman and Gwendolyn Shapiro Foundation Shapiro Summer Research Program of University of Wisconsin, Madison and co-sponsored by the UW  Department of Pediatrics. MIF hosts the students in Nigeria, help coordinate travel arrangement and visas, provides lodging and meals throughout stay in Nigeria, and assists with local transportation while in Nigeria.

At the medical mission, the students have a hands-on experience learning medical techniques and skills, participating in medical exams and care of patients during the medical mission. A University of Wisconsin faculty mentor closely guides and supervises the students in planning and conducting the research projects before and during the medical mission.