MIF supports the Finding Scoliosis Kindly (FiSK) Project

Do you or a family member or friend have scoliosis, and you would like to show support? MIF is happy to collaborate with one of our young volunteers, NY high school student, OlaRose Ndubuisi in her efforts to raise awareness for scoliosis with information dissemination, early screening, and research support. Learn all about OlaRose’s Finding Scoliosis Kindly (FiSK) Project. All proceeds from t- shirt sales from the FiSK fundraiser will be used for free Scoliosis  screening in an underserved community. 
About Me: I am OlaRose Ndubuisi, a 15-year old with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS). AIS is a common condition, with an overall prevalence of 0.47 to 5.2% in the population. It is more common in girls than boys. I was not born with scoliosis. I was born extremely premature at one pound birth weight (weighed 470 grams or 16 ounces). I thought surviving prematurity would be the toughest thing I would experience in life, but I was wrong. I was diagnosed with scoliosis unexpectedly at the age of 14, as I graduated middle school (8th grade). I experience significant pain and emotions due to my scoliosis, but I have found a positive way to express myself through poetry, writing, and art. I am grateful for the loving support of my family, friends, teachers, and medical professionals along my journey with scoliosis.


About the Project: I am starting the Finding Scoliosis Kindly (FiSK) Project to increase global scoliosis awareness, and advocate for early management and treatment to prevent or improve the challenging physical, social, and emotional effects of it. I chose to call this project “Finding Scoliosis Kindly (FiSK)” because the effects of scoliosis are hidden. People feel like their pain, suffering, and their curved spine are invisible. It is more common to see people with crutches or a cast than to see someone openly wearing a back brace. Due to this, people may focus solely on the noticeable nature of a brace, rather than consider why that person may be wearing one. This can make those with scoliosis feel self-conscious. It is important that we address issues like scoliosis and raise awareness in a kind and tolerant way, so that people with scoliosis can feel heard and seen, and these important conversations can be held in a natural and compassionate way.

Raising Scoliosis Awareness: FiSK Project helps connect us all in raising awareness and correcting misconceptions about scoliosis, and helps adolescents to lead this awareness and take action to improve knowledge and encourage healthier attitudes about scoliosis. I encourage you to join me by committing to the Finding Scoliosis Kindly (FiSK) Pledge in order to spread empathy and compassion in our community one person at a time, by performing one kind act a day, whether or not you or they have scoliosis. Thank you for your support. 

Click here to take my Finding Scoliosis Kindly (FiSK) Awareness Survey

You can stay in touch with OlaRose’s poetry and art or updates on the Finding Scoliosis Kindly (FiSK) Project on Instagram or twitter at @olaroseofficial   
Video link to one of OlaRose’s poem about scoliosis, Grieving the Loss of Me: Grieving the loss of me by OlaRose Ndubuisi – YouTube