Sample Itinerary

Upon Arrival in Host Country,
Day 1—Mission Preparation:
Take Stock of Supplies & itemize according to Medication Type
Categorize Brochures for Public Health Education
Visit Clinic Center & Set up the Area (Set up Medications, Exam Areas, etc.)
Meet with Volunteers & outline goals, expectations, and specific duties
Day 2:
Provide treatment services for Volunteers and Food Kitchen Helpers.
Day 3:
Medical Mission Officially Begins at 9 am.
Day 4:
Medical Mission Day 2
Day 5:
Medical Mission Day 3
Day 6:
Debriefing with Volunteers, Community Partners, and Organizers.
Day 7:
Visit local school, hospital or orphanage
Day 8:
Locally Guided Tour of the Community
Day 9 onwards:
Enjoy the Community!