2023 Philanthropic Mission Emekuku, Imo State, Nigeria

The 2023 Mezu Foundation Medical Mission was a remarkable and heartwarming experience for all involved. The event saw a diverse range of patients seeking medical care, from Cardiology to Internal Medicine, Optometry, and medication dispensing at the pharmacy. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and eagerness as doctors and student interns from prestigious institutions like Federal University of Technology Owerri and Abia State University College of Optometry Uturu collaborated to learn and provide much-needed assistance.



Much thanks to Partner companies such as Alcon VSP Vision Brother’s Brother Foundation RestoringVision and Americares for their help and support.
The dedication and selflessness of the volunteers and student interns were truly commendable. They tirelessly worked together, triaging and attending to patients with various conditions, gaining invaluable practical experience in dealing with different aspects of the human anatomy.
The opportunity to observe medical experts at work was an enriching experience for the student interns, as they absorbed knowledge and honed their skills.
The impact of the medical mission was evident by the overwhelming turnout of patients. Hundreds of people, many of whom had been suffering from untreated conditions, received attention and care.
The Final year optometry student interns played a crucial role in addressing eye-related issues such as cataracts, glaucoma, pterygium, macular problems, and dry eyes. Shockingly, around 89% of the population examined had significant lens changes, with approximately 40% requiring surgical intervention, underscoring the importance of such missions.


Beyond Optometry, the Medical mission also catered to other medical needs, with specialists in Cardiology, Infectious Diseases, and Pediatrics providing their expertise. Additionally, a resident pharmacist worked tirelessly to dispense free medications to all attendees, ensuring that no one left the event without the necessary treatments.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the medical mission was witnessing the joy on the faces of those who received help. Giving back to the community and making a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged and marginalized brought immense warmth to everyone’s hearts.
Thanks to our Lady’s Food Kitchen headed by the Patron Dr Rose Mezu for feeding over 1000 participants with her army of selfless volunteers ensuring that people were fed while they waited for hours patiently to receive Medical Care.
Mezu Foundation, being a non-profit organization with a global presence, continues to impact local communities with the support of dedicated volunteers.


Days like this exemplify the honor and privilege of serving those in need. The sense of fulfillment derived from helping others and contributing to their well-being is immeasurable.
The Mezu Foundation Medical Mission reaffirms the power of compassion, dedication, and teamwork in transforming lives and making the world a better place. As the mission continues, it leaves a lasting impression on both those who received care and those who selflessly provided it, fostering a spirit of hope and unity in the face of challenges.